[ct-user] OOOPPPSSS!!!

Tim Rust Tim Rust <tim@rusthollar.com>
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 22:41:00 -0500

Hi All!!

My thanks to all those who e-mailed me about my sending my password to
the entire lise.  You are all absolutely correct and I have made the
appropriate changes.  All I can do is blame it on my "early onset
sometimer's disease"!!  I am however impressed with the since of good
will I have experienced from the ct/ham community and this just
re-asssured me that most ham's and contesters are truly great people!!
I have been absent from the contesting scene for a number of years due
to not having my tower up and my KLM tribander and 40 mtr beams are
still in the barn waiting on spring here in Indiana.  Hopefully by next
spring I will be back adding to the count of the multi-multi's and once
again making a modest showing as a "little pistol" here in the black
hole of Indiana.  (you guys on the east and west coast ought to take an
hour off now and then so us mid-western little pistols can get past your

rf curtian! HI).

Any way, thanks again and I hope to catch you all on down the Log!!  By
the way if you ever get through northern Indiana give me a call and stop

by Rust Hollar Bed & Breakfast.  We are about 4 miles south of the I
80/90 toll road at the Middlebury and Bristol Exits.  Would love to meet

any of you and spend the evening talking Ham radio and contesting.

de KA90RN


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