[ct-user] CT/CW keying problem identified..and thanks

Larry Johnson Larry Johnson" <k5yf@wt.net
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 00:30:47 -0000

The other day I asked for help in a problem I'm having with CT sending CW
when the TNC xmits. I received a lot of good suggestions. Thanks to all for
their advice.

But a special thanks to Ken / K1EA who, after several emails, actually
identified the problem. It turns out I do have rfi, but not the high power
HF kind. Having had to work some serious HF rfi problems in the past,
assumed it wasn't that since I wasn't having any other problems and I still
had this problem when transmitting into a dummy load. And...having a fairly
new PC which I've reinstalled a couple of times, I was thinking I did
something to a driver or configuration setting somewhere.

At Ken's suggestion, I dropped the pwr on the 2m rig. On med pwr, the keying
faded when the tnc xmits, but doesn't cut out completely. On low pwr it's
pretty much normal, just a hint of fading. Of course, on hi pwr, it cuts out
completely. So...it's obvious I'm getting 2m rfi back in here somewhere,
just need to figure out where and how to block it. In any event, knowing the
cause of the problem is 90 percent of the solution.

Again, special thanks to Ken. I think it speaks highly when the author of
the program is willing to jump in and help work an issue such as this when
from the start, it's fairly obvious it's not a problem with the program.

Larry Johnson, K5YF
Houston, TX
e-mail: k5yf@wt.net

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