[ct-user] Update your .DAT files

ve2zp@bbs.ve3jf.ampr.org ve2zp@bbs.ve3jf.ampr.org
Mon, 15 Dec 97 00:58:45 UTC

In the recent SS, ARRL 160m and ARRL 10m contests, I have discovered that more
than a few people became confused when I sent "QC" as my section.  "QC" is the
official postal abbreviation for Quebec, although "PQ" and "QU" are commonly
used.  CT's various .DAT files (the ones that identify the multipliers in
various contests) omitted "QC" as one of the possible abbreviations for Quebec.
You can fix this easily by editing these files to add "QC" to the listings for 
Quebec.  A simple ASCII text editor will do the trick.  

While the differences may seem silly or insignificant to most of you, in
conventional parlance here in Quebec, "PQ" is the name of a local political
party, one which I find extremely disagreeable.  So, when I work someone in a
contest, and I send them "QC" as part of my exchange, and they innocently ask
if that means I'm "PQ," the hairs on the back of my neck rise, and I start
grinding my teeth.  

Please help save my teeth.  Edit your .DAT files.

73, Dave VE2ZP/VE9CB
InterNet: ve2zp@va3tcp.ampr.org

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