[ct-user] Help for a Beginner?

Stephen Haines Stephen Haines <haines@supernet.com.py>
Mon, 06 Jan 1997 10:49:25 -0800

I am new to CT, and am attempting to set up 6.26 for
the DX test in February. From the brush country of
southern Paraguay, my resources are limited. I did 
get CT to run my 70 or so contacts in the CQWW and
create and score my report (after the contest was

I'm building the K3KU universal keying interface
described in one of the documents distributed with
6.26 (or perhaps with 6.16). My XT clone has DB-25
connectors for serial ports 1 and 2. How are the pins
numbered? I need pin 20 and a ground pin.

Also, does 6.26 support either an iambic paddle or
a key hooked up to the DB-25? Which pins? 73 and TNX

Steve Haines, ZP9EH (KW5E stateside)
Encarnacion, Paraguay

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