[ct-user] Re: CT+Win95

Peter Nesbit VK3APN Peter Nesbit VK3APN <pnesbit@melbpc.org.au>
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 07:27:18 +1000

At 12:58 PM 14/01/97 -0500, Dave K4JRB wrote:
>At 04:45 AM 1/14/97 -0000, Tyler K3MM  wrote:
>>...I've never gotten CT's I/O to
>>work smoothly in a Windows 95 DOS shell.  
>According to Microsoft the only fix is to get rid of the DOS and older
>Windows versions and run only W95 software!   This has been their answer to
>Mindspring and Telemate Tech Support. W97 will only support W3.1.1 (for a
>while) and W95/W97 software!
>According to Microsoft you must get a new toaster each time you buy a loaf
>of bread!
>73, Dave K4JRB
Correction. Two years ago you needed a toaster. One year ago you needed a
nuclear test facility. This year you need an interplanetary space mission.
Trouble is, the mission only does muffins...

73, Peter VK3APN

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