[ct-user] PCMCIA I/O for CT

Ric Plummer ricp@ultranet.com (Ric Plummer)
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:00:26 -0500

Hi Folks

Has anyone had any experiences ( good or bad ) with or relevant to:

        Toshiba LapTop 400 series ( mine is a 435CDS)
        PCMCIA Serial card for COM2 ( mine is a Socket I/O )
        And of course, running CT on a DOS restart from Windows95

I have a problem with  modem (Motorola Montana ) also, so it may be a
common problem to the two PCMCIA slots somewhere in the OS. But it would be
nce to know if there is light at the end of the tunnel !!

Any and all thoughs appreciated.

73, Ric KV1W

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