[ct-user] win2k and dos partition!

Patrick 9A5AEI patrick@rkp.ice.hr
Thu, 2 Jan 1997 13:28:55 +0100

make same floppy win98 bootable, run the PC form floppy,
run fdisk for partition managment!
Make first partition 50% or less of the total disk space, after that make
make second partition!
Format the first partition with win98 boot diskette. format c: /s
Leave second partition intact!
On the first partition you can install win98, after that install win2k from
the boot CD-rom!
But when win2k ask you where do you want to install chose second partition!
Format the second partition with win2k setup... chose NTFS or FAT32...
After the windows 2k instalation ... you will have a MENU:
2. Windows 2000
and just chose what do u need!

This is it... if u need help just ask!

73 de Patrick 9a5aei

P.s. copy CT on win98 partition!... and also copy there himem.sys...
create there  autoexec.bat and config.sys!