[ct-user] Icom 735 radio interface

n1sp@adam.cheshire.net n1sp@adam.cheshire.net
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 07:57:02 -0500 (EST)

I just discovered something new last weekend during the ARRL DX contest. My Icom 
735 does indeed accept QSX info from CT v 9.27 when the info is in a packet spot 
in the subject field as "QSX 7287" , if the rig is on vfo a, then vfo a gets the 
 normal rx frequency and vfo b gets the split qsx frequency information. All I 
had to do was hit split.....
I knew Kenwood radios did this, but the only information I'd seen about this 
said Icoms did not do it except for 1 or two rigs much newer than my 735. 
So I never tried it...I'd run my rig in vfo mode and always manually set the vfo 
b for split... I only just discovered this by accident...I was qsying from 20m 
to 40m and the spot contained qsx info...when i hit the vfo button to set b to 
40m it was on the right freq already....i thought it was too much of a 
coincidence and with trembleing fingers and a pounding heart, I set about 
confirming that it did indeed work.

It did! Try it, if you, like me, always thought your rig wouldn't handle the 
And maybe the software writers would like to know that at least the 735 will 
handle the split info the way kenwoods and CT do!

I'm in seventh heaven!
73 Scott
Scott Porter, N1SP
ex WA1YTW,
W1 QSL Bureau Manager

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