[ct-user] master.dta file

Paulo Cesar G. Milito Paulo Cesar G. Milito" <pmilito@solar.com.br
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 00:00:59 -0300

Hello All,

I know that the master.dta file allows you to eliminate some doubts
about the correct callsign received in the contests, cause it has data
of the calls that are actives in many contests. But I'm not able to
manage it. What is the correct procedure? If I download a master.dta
file with NA and DX calls, how can it be helpfull to me? In my mind, if
I receive a call K?ZO for example, and the QRM is loud that I'm not sure
about the call number (not with Fred, of course), the master.dta will
help me to find the right call number, right? But how may I do this? I
thak you all that will help me and will indicate the best master.dta
file to download. 73's.


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