[ct-user] CT 8.27 questions

Nate Dixon Nate Dixon <nated@MICROSOFT.com>
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 09:43:32 -0800

I am finally getting around to setting up CT 8.27 that I purchased a
couple of years ago...

I seem to have things working OK EXCEPT for communicating with the DX
Cluster.  The question I have is if once you bring up the TNC window
(ALT T) and issue a command to the Cluster (Show DX for example) my TNC
communicates with the Cluster but I am not seeing any output from the
Cluster in CT.   I have changed the Mode to Multi Multi and still I am
getting on text displayed from the Cluster.

Is this the way CT works or am I missing something.

Thanks Nate

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