[ct-user] CT Computer Problem

wheeler wheelerm@actrix.gen.nz (wheeler)
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 11:15:48 +1200 (NZST)

Fred wrote
>Using CT 9.27 on a pentium. In the MS-DOS mode the software and radio work
>perfectly. When I run the software in a DOS window under Windows 95, the
>computer communicates with my TS-850, but my radio does not communicate back
>to the computer . In other words alt F2 changes the band on the radio, but
>frequency info and band changes made on the radio don't effect  CT.
> Obviously the hardware is OK, or things wouldn't work under either operating
>systems. I am using a serial port expansion board that allows high IRQ
>settings. TNC on Com 1 using IRQ 4 works correctly under both operating
>systems. TS-850 is on Com 3 using IRQ 11. Device manager in 95 agrees that
>Com 3 is using IRQ 11. Any thoughts??      73, Fred   N1KWJ

hi Fred 
sent this to the list server, hopefully someone will comment further . . .

Try operating without Win'95 operating, see http://yccc.org , Yankee Clipper
Contest Club home page, there is a TIPS section on this.
73 de Malcolm ZL2UDF

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