[ct-user] CT9, New NL Section

Ken Newman Ken Newman <n2cq@comten.com>
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:06:03 -0400

OOPS...... Forgot to put the VE section in....  

MAR:        MAR,NB,NS,PEI,VE1,VE9,VY2;  VE
PQ:         PQ,QC,QU,VE2;      VE
ON:         ON,VE3;            VE
MB:         MB,MAN,VE4;        VE
SK:         SA,SK,VE5;         VE
AB:         ALT,ALB,AB,VE6;    VE
BC:         BC,VE7;            VE
YT:         YT,YU,NW,VE8,VY1;  VE

>Here is my sec.dat on the VE section.  I used NLA for Newfoundland Labrador.
>If you end up with the right number of characters, CT doesn't blow up.  
>Aparently we need a standard for this.
>Ken Newman, N2CQ
>Woodbury, NJ
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Ken Newman, N2CQ
Woodbury, NJ

Submissions:              ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org
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