[ct-user] Newf/Lab SS section

Nate Bargmann Nate Bargmann" <ka0rny@midusa.net
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 01:46:21 -0500

> hi hans!
> > Running CT ver 9.2(?) (I think 9.26, but it's at home).
> i have 9.27
> > Then, added NL section "above" MAR line in SEC.DAT.
> > This resulted in NL showing up fine, but YU/NWT entry (on 
> > section map) at bottom of VE column got farkled up.  Still 
> > works, but shows on map as some garbage character.
> mine shows as "8Z", an interesting section.  but it counts it as a 
> mult correctly, and scores it correctly (apparently)
> > What's a girl to do?

Edit SEC.DAT and all the other ARRL .DAT files and change the MAR to 
MR or some two letter abbrev.  This should fix the problem.  At least 
it did in 8.53

> well, short of getting a definitive fix from the CT-powers, i plan on
> running it with the bottom of the ve column "farkled"!  i'll just 
> remember that when i hear jay or ivan, they'll show up in the 8Z 
> section on my mult window.  (farkled up... nice word!  do you 
> remember fred and fannie farkle, and the twins, mark and sparkle 
> farkle?  their neighbor was ferd burfle, as i recall.)
> i haven't tried to print a test log, to see if the printed version 
> puts them in "8Z" or yukon/nwt.  maybe i'll do that.
> 73,
> George T. Daughters, K6GT

73, de Nate >>

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