[ct-user] DVP hum with Kenwood ?

Danilo Brelih Danilo Brelih <danilo.brelih@siol.net>
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:11:02 +0200

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Subject: DVP hum with Kenwood ?
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Using TS950SDX with DVP (original Kenw. cable) and ProSet
headphones (HC4) by Heil.
I have really bad hum on my transmit signal using the DVP.
Some one says there is a difference between chassis ground
and microphone audio ground.?
Have I need to try lifting one of the shields/grounds.?
Which one (pin) on which end you try?
Any other ideas?

I ran lot of ground wire from the radio,computer case..
directly to ground with no luck.

Thank you fm Dan, S50U

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