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Lehtimaki Kari Lehtimaki Kari <kari.lehtimaki@olsy.fi>
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:06:10 +0300

-Adam, N2DHH wrote:

>Anybody have experience with other wireless approaches?

At OH2HE we have been using 2,4 GHz wireless LAN bridge in multi/multi.
You can see our setup here 
( http://www.netlife.fi/users/oh1jt/oh2he ) 

>One final question: Has the Ethernet TSR that I've seen described in the
>archive been used extensively and is it reliable?

We used Ethernet TSR in both CQWW CW & SSB multi/multi (7200 QSOs /
6300 QSOs).  We also had packet info and running frequency info
transmitted continuously in the Ethernet. We lost abt. 2-5% of QSOs in
the network but that is not a problem as you can merge the QSOs from
the hard disks afterwards. Otherwise the network ran just fine.

The wireless solution was really "plug and play". More time was needed
to install different Ethernet adapter drivers and setting IRQs as we
had both laptop and desktop PCs and different Ethernet cards.

Here are some 2,4 GHz wireless suppliers:

73 de

Kari, OH2XX


I hope that the new CT Windows version will also be capable of using 
How about it Ken?

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