[ct-user] Ct 9.27 and New Field Day rules

Mel Martin Mel Martin <mel@interlink.net>
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 07:15:19 -0400

I'd like to see this too. We used Log-EQF 1A but are going to try 2A this year.

Also a hearty AMEN to the Ethernet capability.
What I'd like to see is NO GUI ( I much prefer the character mode screens...
am I crazy? )
but use the windows resources such as reliable networking.
I tried a demo of a "Windoze" logging program this week... Logic... woderful
program but a resource pig. Too slow to be useable on a 486DX2. Ken, if you
build a full Windoze program, we wont't be able to use our old 386/486
maciines in the ham-shack! CT then costs $1070. $70 for the program and
$1000 for the new computer ;-).
Mel Martin
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