[ct-user] CT9.36 VHF Contest Problem

Bob Johnson Bob Johnson <rjohnson@ici.net>
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:04:53 -0400

I was just setting up 9.36 for the June VHF Contest and ran into a small
problem.  It appears that CT is initialized for 20M.

If you make your first log entry on 2M, you get an "Out of Band! 14000000"
message, also if you do an ALT-F4 you get the message "On Spot Freq:  14.0".

IF the first entry is on 50 Mhz or 222 Mhz, NO PROBLEM !!!  Any contacts on
2M after the first Log entry are OK!!!

My solution is to log the first entry, if it is a 2M contact, as a 6M
contact and then go back and change the Band to 144 Mhz.

Not a big problem if you know the "work around", but in the middle of a
contest it could WASTE quite a bit of time.

Beware and Be Warned !!!  This is a GOOD reason to check a new software
Version out ahead of time, not in the Heat of Battle.

73 es GL
Bob - WA1OFR - FN42ma

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