[ct-user] CT9.36 VHF Contest Problem

Dave Riley Dave Riley <dave@riley.net>
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 01:22:33 -0400

CT does this on the 160M contests too. I found that when you first start,
just enter an in-band freq on the command line, like 144000 for 2M, and CT
stops complaining. After that CT runs fine from then on.


Dave Riley - KG8W

>>I was just setting up 9.36 for the June VHF Contest and ran into a small
>>problem.  It appears that CT is initialized for 20M.
>>If you make your first log entry on 2M, you get an "Out of Band! 14000000"
>>message, also if you do an ALT-F4 you get the message "On Spot Freq:  14.0".
>>IF the first entry is on 50 Mhz or 222 Mhz, NO PROBLEM !!!  Any contacts on
>>2M after the first Log entry are OK!!!
>>My solution is to log the first entry, if it is a 2M contact, as a 6M
>>contact and then go back and change the Band to 144 Mhz.
>>Not a big problem if you know the "work around", but in the middle of a
>>contest it could WASTE quite a bit of time.
>>Beware and Be Warned !!!  This is a GOOD reason to check a new software
>>Version out ahead of time, not in the Heat of Battle.
>>73 es GL
>>Bob - WA1OFR - FN42ma
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