[ct-user] CT9.27 - IC765

Ron Chambers Ron Chambers <rchambers@aguirre.com>
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:22:31 -0500

I just built the computer to radio(ICOM765) interface using the MAX232
chip. The radio sends proper frequency and band changes to the
computer and it is displayed perfectly on the computer and CT responds
fine, including a packet 'anouncement'....BUT the reverse is not true,
nothing happens at the radio if I give CT a band-change, a frequency
change, or a packet spot 'grab' instruction....I get the message RADIO
NOT ECHOING......I have been thru the interface looking for wiring errors,
changed chips, etc but nothing changes.......

Any suggestions? Any  quirks to a CT/ ICOM interface I am missing?


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