[ct-user] More CT Refinements for Two Radio Automation

John Loftus John Loftus" <John_Loftus@vettweb.net.au
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 07:12:31 +1000

More great suggestions are flowing in, and all ideas are very much

In addition to the proposal for two radio band data on LPT1, a suggested new
CT feature would cause the selected radio to skip the band that the other
radio is on. This software feature would prevent two radios landing on the
same band. TR-log already has this feature (thank you George K5TR).

I do remember a situation with CT in a recent contest when I thought I had
changed mode on the second radio with Ctrl F2. In fact, I had inadvertantly
changed band with Alt F2. After a few CQs I noticed that both radios were on
the same band. Fortunately, my second radio was saved by the filters which
were still on different bands. The lesson is very clear. If the filters are
to be automatically switched, then we need both software and hardware
protection to ensure the radios are not at risk on the same band.

A circuit diagram showing LPT1 pin connections for two radio switching (for
microphone, PTT, footswitch, paddle, and key) can be found at:
These LPT1 pinouts have been partially implemented by CT and fully
inplemented by TR-Log. (thank you George K5TR).

The draft faciltity specification for the proposed Two Radio Auto Controller
(TRAC) now
includes all audio to headset contol options for each radio.  Provison has
also been made for a connector to feed an audio recording system. (thank you
J.P. W2XX)

Again, many thanks - keep the great ideas flowing.

John - VK4EMM


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