[ct-user] M2 2800P Control Unit and CT

Dan Szymanski Dan Szymanski <daniel.szymanski@erols.com>
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 00:29:33 +0100

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Shortly after the March ARRL DX SSB weekend this year, I exchanged a
couple of e-mail's with Ken Wolff. I had just purchased a M2 Orian
System.  Previous to this I had read where a few others could not get CT
Version 9.XX to be compatible with the RC2800P Control Unit. Ken said
both he and M2 were of the opinion that this combination would not work
together. I on the other hand, while both units where side by each
inside had them playing 100% while on the bench.

Then I did a very stupid thing.  I put the entire event and
configuration out of my mind and forgot how I did it.

Well now summer is gone and the process of rebuilding the tower and
antenna system here is almost complete. I'll skip the construction
details but I could not get CT Version 9.XX (9.33 through 9.37) to
control the Azimuth Control Unit as I had done in the past.

Looks like if you use CT with a CT.CFG file the system and use the
"-now" switch, CT is a little crippled, if not brain dead.  I believe
Ken referred to this as maybe a "PARSING" problem.  

In my CT.CFG file I have a line that reads

ROTOR1:      GS232,COM1,9600

(Maybe I have an incorrect SYNTAX statement.)

In loading COMTSR1.EXE I have the following:

comtsr1 -p1 -b9600 -a3f8 -n81 -i4 -rts

I know there is no hardware handshaking used with the 2800P either.

Omitting the "-now" switch in CT.EXE reveals the following.
When you get to the second COMM SETUP window to configure, even with the
ROTOR1 statement in a CT.CFG file, COMM SETUP insists that the COM Port
you selected for ROTOR1 is really identified as RADIO1. If you correct
this error prior to allowing CT to create its .BIN file, you have rotor
azimuth control as expected by using <Ctrl+F10>.  Just type in the
prefix or complete call, do the required <Ctrl+F10> and the rotor takes

In closing, are these observations correct? Is there a chance for a fix,
or just handle it manually!!  What have others out there done to make it
work elsewhere?       

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Dan Szymanski
Frederick, MD
Potomac Valley Radio Club
National Capital DX Association
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