[ct-user] 9.35 Beta and Video, CW spacing

K4SO K4SO <K4SO@aol.com>
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 17:06:50 EST

I recently fired up the 9.35 beta version since I especially wanted the PTT.
As advertised, it works great. My relays thank Ken. However, when using the
-vga option the display is broken up and skewed. This description is
inadequate but I'd like to know if others are having the problem. If you are,
you'll see what I am describing. I use the 50 line mode exclusively to get the
extra screen real estate for the band map, packet, callsign database checking,
and so on. The program operates properly in the non-50 line mode.

One other feature that seems to have been broken for a long time is the half-
dot spacing supposed to be provided by the "-" (hyphen) key. It actually
reduces the speed of the CW sent, which can be useful to accomplish the high-
speed 5NN, followed by slower exchange but I was looking for a slight space in
5NN VA, rather than a full space. The documentation I have is from version 8
as provided and maybe this function has long been changed but I didn't see it
in the release notes. This problem is not exclusive to 9.35 but I'm not sure
how far back it goes. Any feedback appreciated.

Thanks and 73,

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