[ct-user] CT and IOTA contest ?

dave.sharred@sagem.co.uk dave.sharred@sagem.co.uk
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 15:59:56 +0000

<<Open email to Ken>>

Hello Ken;

You probably have been asked this question MANY times; so I have logged the
question on the ct reflector (hopefully we will all know the answer!) :-

Do you have any plans to expand CT's logging capability to take into
account the IOTA Contest ? I know there are many sections, but, even a
basic logging ability would benefit a lot of entrants - last year
there were 900 + submitted entrants; it is growing at a very large
rate every year. I would guess this is bigger than some of the
sections already supported.

I recognise some major differences in IOTA test - serial number + IOTA
ref as the exchange; and both modes.  IOTA islands on ssb + IOTA
islands on cw (all per band) make up the mult list; have more info as

To summarise what is available now:-

SD // SDI (EI5DI) - he not interested in developping the product for
things like multi-single type setups (computer networking). He not
support packet spots.

TR (N6TR) - we (MW7Z) had major crashes in back end of test ; also the
product doesn't have that familiar CT feel !!

We are planning our 1998 entry now, as MW8Z, hopefully defending the
dxpedition section win (results still pending!). We still considering
software options.

73 Dave G3NKC

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Heneage Street West
Aston Science Park
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