[ct-user] CT 9.37 in FD

k2qmf@juno.com k2qmf@juno.com
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:49:25 EDT

Hello all,

We used 9.37 in field day and we had a couple of problems.   Still had
a ball!!!

1 - When you change bands using frequency buttons on the radio CT would
      follow the band change.  Even if you entered a QSO and logged it CT
      would log it to the wrong band.  The only way to have CT follow the
      change is to type in the frequency into CT.  Then the radio would
go to the
      new bad along with CT...    This only happens in the FD contest of
      I tried it using all the other contests and CT follows the radio
band changes OK.
      We were using computer controlled Kenwood TS-940S.

2 - Getting constant radio timeout message.  This happens with all
contests, not
      just FD...  (Still using Kenwood TS-940S).

3 - During FD when one rig, in a multi TX set up,  logs a QSO and the
next rig
      logs a QSO on a different band you get an illegal band change

That's it for us...   Even with these problems we had a great time...

73,   Ted     K2QMF    

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