[ct-user] networking two laptops

Ken_Silverman@Notes.airtouch.com Ken_Silverman@Notes.airtouch.com
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 13:24:20 -0700

>i would like to
>network two laptops and two radios together for a multi-single all band

This can easily be done with the -Loop feature (it's in the manual)

>the problem is how the
>heck do you do it with laptops that have only available com 1,lpt 1, and
>com 2 being a built in modem ???????

If you do not have PCMCIA slots, then with one serial port the only thing
you can do is to network the computers using the -Loop feature.  To use
this, you will need to build a set of Y-cables, as I have yet to find a
Y-cable that does the trick.

If you have PCMCIA slots, you can add in extra COM ports so you can also
have radio control, packet input etc.

But for M/S, the most critical thing is to have the logs in synch so you
know which mults to chase.... so use your one COM port for networking.

Kenny K2KW

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