[ct-user] Conecting by radio

Raul Gomez Fernandez Raul Gomez Fernandez <raul.gomez@coitt.es>
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 14:54:58 +0200

Hi everyone! This is my first message in this list and I have two
questions about CT, could you answer them? I'm sure someone can do it.

- We (the members of a radioclub) have to connect two CT stations by
radio. We have followed the instructions we have found in the web pages
of CT, (set the 2 stations with diferents callsigns, stablish the
connection, change from TNC to NETWORK in the setup of CT). And here the
problem begins. When one station introduces a new dx in the other
appears a message that says "NETWORK RCVD BAD CHECKSUM". And sometimes
the new dx appears in the second station and other times doesn't appear.
Where is the problem?

- The other question is: how can we configure CT 9.23 to work with a
Baycom Modem and the driver TFPCX??? (For example to connect one of the
station to the DX CLUSTER).

That's all for now. Many thanks in advance.
Raul Gomez Fernandez .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. EB4GZO
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