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Bob Selbrede Bob Selbrede <>
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 18:11:56 -0700

Hi All,

Getting ready for CQP this weekend and had a few quick questions for the
list.  We'll be running Multi-Multi from Inyo County and I'll be running CT
Ver 9.27 on a pair of laptops; a pretty straight forward setup.  I planned
to network the PC's together as I've done in the past.  Again, fairly
straight forward.  However, I set them up today and was playing around to
see how things were working and I stumbled across a potential problem.

In the past I've only dealt with networked PC's and CT in CQWW contests.
Everything seemed to work FB.  With the CQP there is a QSO number sent in
the exchange and it seems to me this could get real confusing in a
Multi-Multi setup.  If radio A is in the process of sending QSO number, say
#123, to a station; what happens if radio B is also doing the same thing at
the same time since both computers will show that the last QSO was #122?
Can this be handled with an option I need to use in the software setup or do
I need to figure out a way to "fake out" the software somehow?  If I wasn't
networking the PC's together it wouldn't be a problem.  I would just start
each computer at #001 and merge the logs later.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!

73, Bob K6ZZ

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