[ct-user] Summary - Serial #'s for Multi Multi's

Bob Selbrede Bob Selbrede <k6zz@ccis.com>
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 19:30:45 -0700

Hi again,

As I suspected (and feared), there appears to be no provision within CT to
properly handle serial numbers in networked Multi Multi setups.  I thank
N6IG, K3MM, K8DD, W6KC and others for their comments.  I see this subject
did come up a little earlier under a different heading.

Seems as though several folks have some good thoughts on potential methods
to handle this situation.  I would hope that the gang at CT headquarters
reads this list and seriously considers the comments folks have been making
on the subject.  I've been a CT user and supporter almost since the very
beginning and I keep my fingers crossed that it's still alive and well as
far as future enhancements and support is concerned!

Bottom line seems to be that CT will not currently support serial number
assignment and deconfliction in a Multi Multi networked environment as it
stands now.  If it does, I haven't heard how to implement it yet!  Does NA
or TRLog have this one figured out yet?  Thanks again for your thoughts and

73, Bob K6ZZ

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