[ct-user] Multi-multi serial numbers...

Jim Pratt Jim Pratt <n6ig@netcom.com>
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 09:25:12 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Mel Martin wrote:

> Assigning serial numbers "sequencially" is actually impossible in a
> multi-multi. Any real solution will lead to out of sequence numbers being

Given a fast enough and robust enough network, there is no reason why 
sequential numbers couldn't be assigned given the proper coding.

> be much easier to program. Cam anyone give one good reason why the serial
> numbers have to be unique?

Contest rules.  But most contests with serial numbers that I operate 
already have this handled.  In CQ WPX, you give different numbers on each 
band.  In SS, there IS no multi-multi.  Actually, I think that others in 
the CQP use different numbers per band, but things would get screwed up 
in a networked configuration.

The REAL problem is in multi-single situations.  WPX, SS, CQP, all 
require sequential numbers, even though there may be different 
computers.  Since the software people don't seem to want to fix this, 
maybe a rules change IS in order.  But I have HIGH HOPES that, since CT 
will have to be "fixed" for the 1999 WPX (with the new point structure) 
maybe it will also be "fixed" for serial number issues.  And, even if you 
change the rules for multi-single (or single op with two computers as I 
utilize), the software STILL won't handle it properly!

73, Jim  N6IG

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