[ct-user] IC-775/Computer/Windows 98

Chuck Chuck <dietz@texas.net>
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 19:09:42 -0500

I have finally, FINALLY figured out the problem I was having with the
IC-775 talking to the computer.  I am posting this in case anyone else
has a problem.

Thanks to all who gave me very valuable tips on my problem getting the
IC-775 to talk to the computer, but I got the idea which fixed the
problem from some messages about the FT-1000 not talking to the
computer.  Evidently you have to exit Win 98 to MS/DOS before starting
CT.  It works great when you do that.

Does anyone know how to make CT automatically start in a DOS window in
Win 98 so that you just have to click on an icon?


Chuck, KZ5MM

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