[ct-user] IRQ Sharing with CT?

Dick Clukey Dick Clukey <wv1m@snet.net>
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 21:15:20 -0400

TNX for reading.

I have my  network ready for cqww, had to do some experimenting with the
com ports and IRQ's but all is well and working fine. While setting up
the multi-port I/O card, (TURBO 4COM I/O) which allows IRQ sharing and
works well sharing the IRQ's in DX4WIN and other win95 apps and in
native dos apps multi tasked.  The problem was with CT 9.37  The comtsr?
drivers were set up properly but the CT Driver that is executed last
takes over the IRQ and the first shared port fails.  The card does not
need windows to function.  Are the comtsr drivers designed so that IRQ
sharing is not possible with CT?  All other comm apps are separate
programs and do work in harmony, even CT with other programs using the
same IRQ, but two CT ports on the same IRQ fail???

This is not a contest threatening problem.  I've made the proper

Is there any future fix for this annoyance planned?

Any comments?

Dick >>

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