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David H. Walker David H. Walker" <dwalker@sopris.net
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 07:01:36 -0700

I know that everyone is probably involved with CQWW. I have a couple of
problems that someone maybe could answer. I have made the unfortunate
mistake of not setting my clock to UTC time! This mistake was prompted by
the fact I had been using other logging software and thought CT would
prompt me for the UTC time chance. In any case is there a way to get things
back on track before sending the log in? Typing times in by hand is what I
thought about doing!

Second case involves the inability to change bands in log using ALT F2 OR
ALT F1. Maybe inability is not quite the right word. When I change bands I
do not have the radio connected to the computer. The frequency change shows
in the log line but after entering the call and pressing enter to log the
call the frequency switches back to the previous frequency I was on.
Example.. I have been on 20meters and switch to 15 meters. I type in  a
call, check for dupe and press enter to log. Call is logged but log line
says 20 meters and not 15 meters. I correct the log by moving cursor to
call line and correct the freq.

I know, just log by hand and don't bother us!! In any case hope contest is
going well for everyone one involved!

David H. Walker
Aspen, CO
FISTS# 4748
RSGB# 178264
ARCI# 9676

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