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Warren Walsh Warren Walsh <wwalsh@intac.com>
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 17:56:57 -0500

At 12:52 PM 10/26/98 -0500, Mike Walker wrote:
>We ran CT 9.36 in M/S, Nettsr, Packet, DVP, an IC-756 (configured as an
IC-775 x'46') and a TS-850.  Both rigs had home brew TTL/RS-232 interfaces
with them.
>No real problems other than each computer would hang at some random time.
These where 486's with 8 megs in them.  The hangs where consistent with
dialing the vfo (more often than not).  
>Problem could be related to the high RF levels and the Packet Drivers or
Network Cards (one was a 3COM 3C509 and the other was an SMC if I remember
correctly).  We ran an 8 port hub with a Laptop connected as well.  This
allowed us to use the laptop as a live backup and to also check rates and
things without disturbing the operators.
>BTW, the IC-756 configured as an IC-775 works fine (just set the hex
address in the setup to x'46' on the IC-756).  Splits work and if you make
the sub band the active band, you can point and shoot something in the
cluster and it will change the sub band frequency.  Great for running and
doing multipliers at the same time.
>Now, too bad the audio on the 756 was split in each ear like the
FT-1000's.  Then I would have a better idea of what I was listening to.

Try adding the -NF flag to the CT command line.  This prevents the computer
controlled rig from sending its frequency over the network.  I know on a
serial network this can cause COM BUFFER OVERRUN errors.  We had two of our
rigs computer controlled at N2RM this past weekend, and I added the -NF
argument to CT and we had no problems.  The amount of traffic generated by
the spinning of the VFO is probably too much, possibly even for the
ethernet (though it shouldn't be).

Warren - K2BM
Network Master for the N2RM M/M crew

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