[ct-user] Upcoming country file update

ken smith ken smith <kgsmith@onlink.net>
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 00:36:17 -0358

I noticed that AL7L gave zone 4 but ct insisted on a new country multiplier
so you might want to ad him as an exception. I didn't ask where exactly he
was, maybe w7. 

At 11:03 PM 10/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I found the bug which caused VE prefixes to break NA and some versions of
>CT.  There was an extra "," in my master country database.  Too much
>editing after 11 p.m. I guess.  It really broke the NA country file,
>deleting ALL Canadian prefixes!  I quickly scan the files for problems, and
>will be more careful about comparing ALL the different flavors against the
>last release.  I had just been comparing CTY.DAT (for CT 9), but it's
>obvious each format has its own quirks.  I apologize to anyone who was
>tripped up by this.  This is the most serious mistake I can recall in 5
>years of maintaining the database.
>These are the changes that will go into the update which I will release
>Tuesday 10/27 evening (Weds. a.m. GMT):
>	- fix for VE problem
>	- B7K is China
>	- XO7X is in Zone 3
>There are two unknowns on the table:
>	- BW0R.  People said he sent Zone 24.  BY0 is Zone 23,
>	  which is what CT thought it should be.  Anyone get confirmation
>	  on the QTH?
>	- Someone reported TO8A was active from Martinique.
>	  Can anyone confirm this?  Or did they mean TO8B who was
>	  already listed?
>FINALLY:  After my plea asking for country file problems during the
>weekend, several people sent me mail listing callsigns which had already
>been added to the file two weeks ago.  PLEASE get the updated version of
>the country files before the major contests (or at least check whether a
>new one is available).  There is ALWAYS an update a couple of weeks before
>CQWW Phone.  I announce the file on the three contest software reflectors
>(CT/NA/TR) as well as CQ-Contest.  Save yourself some headaches (and missed
>multipliers) by using the latest database.
>73 - Jim AD1C
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