[ct-user] Radio Timed Out ?

Mike McCarthy, W1NR Mike McCarthy, W1NR" <w1nr@eecorp.com
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 08:08:10 -0500

I get the same thing when tuning the 850-S or when depressing the "TF SET"
button on the 940 and 850.  I just ignore it and CT usually keeps on going.
The radio probably stops responding to polls when it is "busy" tuning...
There is probably nothing you or CT can do to remedy it.

As for the band rather than frequency in the log, K1EA claims it is fixed
in 9.37...I haven't confirmed this yet.

Mike, W1NR

> Greg Gobleman wrote:
> I don't think my first message on this made it.  What is this message in CT, "
> Radio Timed Out "?  I saw another message refer to a computer hanging up when
> using a TS-850 and a 486 with 8meg ram  and tuning the dial.  I'm also running
> the TS-850 with the standard IF interface and a 486dx-33 8meg ram and while
> tuning the dial CT will sometimes say "radio timed out", but I can still
> change bands and tell it split freqs. no problem.  But when I import my logs
> into my daily logger the contacts that timed out just have default band info,
> not the exact freq.   I could not get RF to do it, at least not consistently
> if at all.  Tried CT ver 9.27, 9.36 and 9.37, all did it.  Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Greg K9ZM

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