[ct-user] The solution to the TO8B Prefix problem

SteveSzabo@aol.com SteveSzabo@aol.com
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:23:59 EST

In order to correctly identify the Country and Zone for the TO8B call (and any
other specialty call), you need to enter the correct country prefix first,
then "slash" the call like this:     FM/TO8B.  If you enter the call this way,
it will identify the country, zone, and score correctly.  This is also the
correct way to enter portable stations (like the FS and HI8 operators and
others in the contest this weekend - FS/K7ZUM and HI8/DK8YY).  This process
will work in any logging program.  The TO8 prefix belongs to Martinique (FM);
this same procedure will work for any non-standard callsign prefix.

Hope this helps everyone out - 73, and Good Luck!
Steve Szabo - WB4OMM

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