[ct-user] Internet spots and CT

Herb Sims Herb Sims <sims@sauron.msfc.nasa.gov>
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:14:48 -0600


I can get world-wide DX packet alerts from k7co.j7.net telnet session (either through my T-10 line or modem at home).  Is there any way to take the ethernet/modem telnet DX alerts and put them into CT instead of using the 'local' packet cluster?

I am an owner of an amiga computer and there was a program called AREXX that would allow two programs to 'talk' to each other via AREXX.  Is there something similar that can do this for the IBM/CT combo?  The k7co 'packet cluster' is constantly going off (as it covers the entire world) and would be a much better source of DX alerts.

Thanks in advance,


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