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Ken Wolff Ken Wolff" <K1EA@contesting.com
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 09:17:35 -0500

You are right Dave. Windows emulation of DOS is only "sort of close" to real
DOS. They have screwed me up on a number of things.

For example, time setting (ALT F) works under DOS, but under Windows the
operating system doesn't meet the documented standards from Microsoft.
Unlike DOS, Windows makes daylight savings time changes automatically. This
means CT has to detect that it is running in a DOS window under windows to
do the right thing. I'd rather write a real windows program (which I'm
doing) than constantly retrofit the DOS CT to special case DOS vs. Windows.

Under Win95/98 emulation of hardware such as the com ports or the counter
timer chip is poor, so radio control, networking and CW sending don't work
running CT in a Windows DOS box. NT is better, but not perfect.

For me, Windows NT works *much* better as a DOS platform. I hesitate to tell
CT users to switch to NT, as this is a "change of life" decision.

- Ken

Ken Wolff  K1EA

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