[ct-user] IC-706MKII Amplifier Interface Summary

Harvey Hiller Harvey Hiller <hhiller@qualcomm.com>
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 15:26:46 -0700

The following was my initial request

At 05:58 AM 8/30/98 +0100, Harvey Hiller wrote:
>Please excuse the wide distribution.
>I'm looking for an article or a source for an interface to connect an
>IC-706MkII to an Alpha/ETO 91 Beta amplifier.  Any assistance or
>information would be appreciated.  Please respond to me directly; I will
>summarize, and post as necessary.

>Harvey Hiller, KD6QK

The responses fell into two distinct categories:

1)  7 Responses (KN6DV, WB2PAG, KU9C, LX1NO, W4GD, W8VI, NX4D)
     These respondents recommended the purchase of the Ameritron ARB-702 I2
     interface sold by  Ameritron/MFJ.  This unit works with either the IC-706 or  
     the MkII and comes with the necessary plugs and connectors.  Because of 
     time constraints this was the approach I took.  $40 at Ham Radio Outlet.

2)  4 Responses (ZL1RS, K6XX, N3OC, K6JOX, KD6WW, K3MD)
     ZL1RS - an optoisolator circuit to isolate the 706 power spike from the amp.
     K6XX  -  another isolation circuit
     N3OC  -  Transistor s/w to turn on a relay
     K6JOX  -  mentions a project in either "73" or "QST"
     KD6WW  -  using the  Yaesu relay box for the 706, contact AES Milwaukee
     K3MD  -  Switching circuit

I would like to thank all those who responded.  It made the process of
finding a solution a very quick and easy process.  Hope to work you all
from Imperial County in the Californai QSO party October 3 &4.  We will use
the call N7CW/6.
Yes, it will be a IC706MkII and 91 Beta.


Harv Hiller, KD6QK

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