[ct-user] 4 -- RS-232 Ports on a laptop via USB

Lawrence G. Dobranski & Carol Cantlon Lawrence G. Dobranski & Carol Cantlon" <va3lgd@amsat.org
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 14:39:59 -0400


Early this year there was a thread discussing the use of the USB (Universal
Serial Bus) that many of the newer laptops and desktops are equipped with as
well as the lap of I/O on Laptops for contesting/DX-pedition purposes.

 The web site at http://www.eteklabs.com/kwik232.html describes a USB device
that provides up to 4 Windows/DOS compatible RS-232 devices.  I believe that
Black Box (http://www.blackbox.com/) sells one as well.  Radio Shack in
their new 1998/99 Canadian catalogue has a USB hub and an adapter that
provides a parallel interface.

I know that many of my fellow contestors are plagued with the problem that
the limit on the number of RS-232 devices that they can connect to their
laptops or desktops for rig/tnc/rotor control.  The blurb on this product
implies that it is transparent...under DOS or Windows.  If any one has tried
this product or even better with CT the results might be of interest.


Lawrence VA3LGD

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