[ct-user] CT,NETTSR and laptop:one-way communication !

G.La Parola, IT9BLB G.La Parola, IT9BLB" <glaparol@consumer.infcom.it
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 00:55:50 +0200

Hi folks,

I'm working to setup a  Multi/Multi configuration, running CT and
NETTSR;  I tested a 5 desk PCs, CT & NETTSR  network that
works really well.

My problem is with portable lap-tops (I'd like to use only lap-tops
because less RF-sensitive and cause less noise to the radios).
My firts test was made using a Pentium 150MMX laptop with
a PCMCIA Ethernet card and a desk Pentium 200MMX.
I use these two computers daily, in WIN95 network, without any problem.
The CT's version is the last 9.37 and packet drivers and NETTSR load
normally on both computers as on the 5 desktop PCs network.
The bad situation is communicating: the desk PC receives and displays
logging and local announcements (Alt-G) from the laptop, but nothing
on back way.
I can see the communication led on the PCMCIA of the laptop blinking
when a "enter QSO" command in given on the desktop, but nothing
come on the video.
The laptop's card is a PCMCIA NE2000 Compatible, 10Mbps,
and supports 8 I/O Base and 8 IRQ.
Desk PC's Ethernet card is a NE2000 compatible for PCI,
Under K1TTT David's suggestion, I used several IRQs and I/O both
on the Client Driver and on Packet Driver, always with the same result.
To have no problems with WIN95, I boot both PCs from a
DOS 6.2 diskette.
CPUs (as I said) are Pentium 150-MMX on laptop and 200-MMX on desk.
CT version is 9.37, but I have same results with 9.23 and 9.27.
NETTSR is ver 0.4-beta.
For my test, to avoid any possible effect, I have no other
stuffs running on the PCs and under CT in the same time.
I never had CT's bad checksum messages.
I always can read  correct answers during every driver's installation.
Absolutely no error messages.

I first install the "Ethernet Client Driver" so called PCCARDGO.EXE
with these results (parameters are just some of many I've tested):
Enable PCIC controller directly.
Socket                         :0
IRQ Number               :03
I/O Port Base             :0300H
Memory Address       :D400H
Ethernet ID                :00:00:B4:4E:20:38
To enable PCMCIA Ethernet card is successful  !

Second I install the packet driver with these results:
TCP/IP Packet driver for 16-bit Ethernet card
Packet driver is at segment 0750
Interrupt number 0x9  (9)
I/O port 0x300  (768)
My Ethernet address is 00:00:B4:4E:20:38

At last I install the NETTSR version 0.4-beta, obtaining:
sw int=64
broadcast to=>

Any info and/or suggestion will be welcome of course.
Many TNX in advance and  73s,
Giuseppe "Joe", IT9BLB/IU9S/KF6FBC/9H3DC

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