[ct-user] Happy Belated Anniversary!

Jim Reisert Jim Reisert <ad1c@contesting.com>
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 10:43:38 -0500

According to the CT web page:

"The CT-USER mailing list (reflector) was started in February, 1994, to
facilitate discussion of K1EA's CT contest logging software."

February 1999 marked the 5th anniversary of this mailing list.

The mailing list was originally installed on my Alpha workstation at
Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq).  According to the
archives, the first message was posted on 10 February 1994 by Richard
King K5NA.  The list was moved to ve7tcp.ampr.org in October 1995,
shortly before I left DEC - thanks, Lyndon!  In September, 1997 the
list was moved to its permanent home on contesting.com - thanks, Bill!

I can't begin to count how many messages have been posted to the list.
The subscriber count is 701 as of 1 April 1999, including the digest
version of the list.  Here are the current stats:

ct-user: 288 US subscribers from 4 groups
ct-user: 356 foreign subscribers from 39 countries
ct-user: 644 subscribers in all

ct-user-digest: 19 US subscribers from 2 groups
ct-user-digest: 38 foreign subscribers from 11 countries
ct-user-digest: 57 subscribers in all

Happy Anniversary!

73 - Jim AD1C

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