[ct-user] Voice DVP, DVK, W9XT or Kenwood DRU??

John Pritt John Pritt" <n1jp@wsg.net
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 20:50:14 -0400

Please!!!!!, do your self a favor and DONT by a keyer from MFJ. I bought 2
from them, one for myself and another for a friend. Both were defective upon
receipt and I returned them to MFJ for repair and after 2 and a half months,
I got them back unrepaired. I called the factory at this point and asked for
my money back as after all this time I was still not able to use them. MFJ
refused to return my money, only offering to repair them again. I told them
I would not return them for another 2 month stay and informed them I would
not do business with them again!
I then called AES, from whom I purchased them,and explained my problem. I
then requested that they return my money as they represented MFJ by selling
the product. They also refused, so I informed them that I would no longer do
business with them and they said sorry. The moral of the story.....BUYER
John, N1JP
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From: Dean St. Hill <vision2000@sunbeach.net>
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Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 11:16 PM
Subject: [ct-user] Voice DVP, DVK, W9XT or Kenwood DRU??

>Hi Guys
>I'm trying to decide on what to do about a voice keyer.
>I'm a confirmed dyed-in-the-wool CT user, but need some advice on which
>of the several available options is best for my voice keyer needs.
>I'm tempted to simply buy an MFJ voice keyer and trigger it using the
>LPT switches available within CT. I think this is overall the cheapest
>But I'm intrigued by the possibilities of the DVP and more recently by
>the W9XT board.
>Is there anyone who has actually used this equipment especially if
>you've used two or more of these units: Please give me your impressions
>and a comparison.
>I'm particularly interested if you've used these pieces of equipment in
>a high rate single-op setting.
>Dean - 8P6SH/8P2k
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