[ct-user] Voice keyers

Cady, Fred Cady, Fred" <fcady@ee.montana.edu
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:23:29 -0600

I am enjoying the discussion on the voice keyers but am a little
confused on the terminology.  Does DVP refer to the K1EA unit?  
It sounds like there are only three choices at this stage:
K1EA, W9XT and Nel-Tech (discounting mighty fine junk).
Are these external or internal devices?  (I'd like an external box to go
with a laptop on expeditions.)
Could somebody please pass along some information on sources/prices for
Some years ago K8CC had a soundblaster-based voice keyer for NA that
worked with CT as well as NA.  Does anybody know if they have updated
that software to work with the sound capabilities in a laptop? 

See some of you at Visalia this weekend.

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