Re[2]: [ct-user] FW: CT with Ethernet

Hank Kohl K8DD Hank Kohl K8DD <>
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:43:06 -0400

At 08:41 PM 4/27/99 -0400, Ron Notarius wrote:
>     I assume that nettsr would be for a peer-to-peer network.  I'll be 
>     running a Netware server.  Anything special I have to do for CT 
>once I 
>     get the 2nd station & it's computer together?

If it is a Netware server running 802.x, etc, it won't "see" CT running
nettsr which runs TCP/IP. 
If it is a Netware server running TCP/IP, you could use a different
subnet for the CT workstations, but the server won't understand what
the CT workstations are talking about anyhow!
73    Hank    K8DD 

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