[ct-user] FW: CT with Ethernet

David Robbins David Robbins <k1ttt@berkshire.net>
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 22:41:27 +0000

the ct/nettsr communications is just meant to replace the com port
network.  ct still maintains a separate set of log files. remember that
can be more than just the .bin these days, there are .opr,.wwv,.tlk, and
.not also if i remember right.  the protocol used by the nettsr is IP
based, but is UDP instead of TCP as that fits the ct network method the
best.  essentially the ct network is a simple broadcast network,
everyone talks but no one acks anything.  In some ways this is good
because it is simple to configure and nodes can come and go at will.  in
other ways it is not a reliable network, packets can get lost without
notice and you have no way to know if anyone is even listening, but
since each computer keeps its own log you can always merge later in case
the network or a computer goes down.  actually we normally end up with
several computers getting the whole log here. if one or two crash and
miss a few qso's it doesn't matter, as long as at least one stays up the
whole time it will have the complete log without bothering to merge.

A netware server should ignore the ct/nettsr packets unless you have a
monitor tool to sniff them off the network.  there should be no need to
play with ip routing as long as all the computers are on the same cable
segment for 10base2 or on the same hub for 10baset.  if you do need to
route between segments you would have to be more careful in assigning ip
addresses and make sure the router is set up to forward the proper udp
packets between segments.

also another fly in the ointment... since ct and nettsr are dos based
programs they are rather simple when it comes to networking.  the normal
configuration has you load a packet driver to talk to the ethernet card,
then the nettsr then ct.  the problem with this under windows is that (i
think all) packet drivers are dumb and must be the only driver using the
ethernet card.  this prevents loading other network drivers to that card
to let you use mapped drives and things like that.  it may be possible
to use 2 cards in a machine, or i have found an ndis-packet driver
emulator for win95, send me mail direct if you want it... i have not
been thrilled with its stability here, but that may be more of a generic
micro$oft thing than this driver.

Ron Notarius wrote:
>      I didn't think such a simple question would stir up so much
>      response!...

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