[ct-user] CT9.xx & rig control

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Fri, 06 Aug 1999 12:56:58 -0700

Hi Timo

I can confirm that this happens in 9.3X versions. EXACTLY as you state.  I 
have not had time to check the 9.4X versions, I was hoping this was caught 
and fixed.  I did include it on a list of bugs sent to ken after our trip 
last year, guess he hasn't had time to deal with it.  I also suspect it 
requires polling the radio to catch such a change, and doing much of that 
causes other problems.

I have only tested this with FT1000MP- but with SEVERAL different sets of 

robin critchell, wa6cdr, XZ1N

At 19:40 8/6/99 +0300, you wrote:

>Hello !
>Is this a common problem or does it exist only in my environment?
>I connected my FT1000mp to COM port and the rig controlling is working... 
>or isn't it?
>When I change the band from computer keyboard - also the rig changes band.
>When I change the mode from computer keyboard - also the rig changes mode.
>When I change the band from rig - also the computer changes band.
>When I change the mode from rig (eg. from CW to SSB) - the computer 
>DOESN'T change the mode.
>I didn't believe my eyes, I thougt something was wrong... so I tested the 
>same thing with TS-450S with same results.
>I tried CT versions 9.37B and 9.40 in DX-pedition and IARU modes.
>Is this a bug or just a feature?
>73 de Timo OH1MDR
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