[ct-user] CT 9.38 available

wb6tza@compuall.net wb6tza@compuall.net
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 18:26:42 -0800

I used 9.38B for the 160 CW contest from N7GP,on a slowish laptop with
radio control active to a 1000MP.

it worked fine for me.

the Yaesu polling seems markedly improved.  the only time I saw the timeout
message was when I was editing one of the CW strings, and as soon as I
finished it went away.

the lack of PTT when TUNE is typed is NOT fixed- a minor issue.

I did NOT get any out of band or similar messages, seemed to work fine.

auto cursor to ? is NICE

most of the rest of the fixes dont apply to this contest, so I didnt check

I use the -TT and -FO switches as a matter of course.

I used the CW repeat mode a lot, and it behaved as I expected it to ( with
the -FO switch)

73, robin, wa6cdr/N7GP/xz1n

At 23:20 2/9/99 -0500, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
>Ken has posted a non-beta 9.38 to the http://www.contesting.com/ctvault/
web site.  If you plan on using it in ARRL DX, NOW is the time to try it
out, not Friday afternoon before the contest.  If you try it NOW and find
something broken, Ken might have a chance of fixing it before the contest.
>Here are the release notes:

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