[ct-user] Ethernet TSR using PCMCIA cards

John Loftus John Loftus" <John_Loftus@vettweb.net.au
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:21:50 +1100

Gidday Ed,

I'm happy to report the joy's of success with David's NETTSR ethernet and
Ken's CT 9.38b. The results are well worth the effort. My laptop now
connects to everything: the ethernet (thin coax) network; two radios via the
two serial ports; and a home brew switch box that manages all the peripheral
switching for two radios via the single parallel port.

The network PCMCIA card is a clone of a D-Link card, and comes with all the
required software drivers - particularly the PCMCIA direct enable driver and
a packet driver.

The laptop computer is an NEC Versa V/75, 486 DX with two PCMCIA slots, a
dedicated serial port, and one parallel port.

There were some minor obstacles along the way. I had to disable the standard
"Socket Services" and "Card Services" software and use the direct enable
software provided with the PCMCIA card.

The second PCMCIA slot is occupied with a "Socket I/O" serial card. The
sequence of installation is critical. Software for the D-Link network card
must be loaded after the serial card. This is because they both use the same
memory location to load. The Socket I/O serial card releases the memory
after loading. The D-Link network card does not appear to release the

I also have a KTI KATRON PE-500 PCMCIA network card. However, this card
comes without any packet drivers (only comes with ODI and NDIS drivers). I'm
still searching for a suitable packet driver for this card. The search is
more difficult because I'm not aware of the chip set being used in the
PE-500 card. I would like to get this card working for use in another
laptop, and would be pleased to hear from anyone familiar with the KATRON
PE-500 card.

The important lesson is to make sure any purchase of a PCMCIA card includes
the packet drivers for the card, as well as the PCMCIA direct enable

Special thanks go to David K1TTT for his excellent work.


John Loftus

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>Does anyone have experience using K1TTT's ethernet tsr on laptops with
>PCMCIA ethernet cards?  I'd like to try it to free up the serial port for
>radio control.  Any insights would be helpful.
>Ed K1EP
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