[ct-user] CT V 9.38 Caution!

Jim Reisert AD1C Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert@alum.mit.edu>
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 22:13:35 -0500

I verified the same behavior.  Here is how the sections you mention are
listed in the .DAT file:

DE:         DE, DL;      3
EPA:        EP;          3
MDC:        MD, DC;      3
WPA:        WP;          3

They have been like this for some time.  It's possible K1EA changed the
program to require an exact match on the section names.  Previously he may
have only required a match where the section listed in the .DAT file
occurred at the beginning of the section you type in, i.e. DE, DEL and
DELAWARE are all acceptable because DE is listed in the file.

Of course I could be wrong...  I'd hate to have to update all the .DAT
files to list ALL possible section names.  Whatsa Ken?

- Jim AD1C

At 05:07 PM 2/10/99 -0500, k2qmf@juno.com wrote:
>Hello All,
>It's probably something I am doing wrong however, I downloaded V 9.38
>and have been putting it through some tests...
>I find that in "Sweepstakes, ARRL 160, and FieldDay CT will not recognize
>Sections:  DEL, EPA, MDC, and WPA !!!!!!   What am I doing wrong ???
>I would hate to start one of these contests and get hung up when you get
>to one of these sections!!

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